noun [ kruhm ] [ snach uhs ]

Crumb Snatchers: Youth who obtains things by usage of a five-finger discount. A thief. One who embellishes what’s real. A liar. An untrustworthy individual. A cheater.

Crumb Snatchers

The Collection


Crumb Snatchers

Part 1


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Crumb Snatchers II

The Goon Edition


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Crumb Snatchers III

Get To The Bread


Watch Brandi Read a Snippet of Book 3
Creative Writer | Author

Brandi Worley

Book Brandi to visit your school for a Book Talk, Reading and Q&A session.

A visit with the author will include a book reading and Q&A session with an audience interested in Brandi’s books. The goal is to engage in a fun, educational, and meaningful dialogue about literature, the love of reading and teaching writing, and the role of books in culture and the classrooms.

Middle school teachers, students, librarians, library conferences, high school creative writing departments, college literary departments, the homeschooling community, governmental funded programs like TRiO, and the juvenile justice systems.

45 minutes – 1 hour


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01. Ghostwriting

Ghostwriting. Would you like to create your own book? I can help you with your manuscript. Sign up to request a Creative proposal.


02. Youth Writing Workshops

The session will cover how to brainstorm, outline, write creative stories, and settings, and develop characters.


03. Autobiographies

Do you need creative content for your brand or business? This is for photographers, music artists, athletes, business owners, public officials, etc.

Who's Reading?

Media Coverage

Public Libraries

  • Ascension Parish Public Libraries
  • Assumption Parish Public Libraries
  • Iberville Parish Public Libraries
  • Pointee Coupee Parish Public Libraries
  • West Baton Rouge Parish Public Libraries
  • East Baton Rouge Parish Public Libraries


  • AMI Kids
  • Beautiful Black Girls Organization, Inc.
  • Cope, Inc. – Alexandria (TRIO Program)
  • Delta Gems Academy (Delta Sigma Theta Sorority)
  • Dillard University (TRIO Program, Upward Bound)
  • Loyola University New Orleans (TRIO Program, Upward Bound)
  • Louisiana Arts & Science Museum
  • Louisiana State Department of Juvenile Justice System
  • Southern University Baton Rouge (UpWard Bound, Upward Bound)
  • Southern University New Orleans (TRIO Program)
  • Southern University Shreveport (TRIO Program)
  • Young Entrepreneurship Initiative Program


  • Adams Middle School
  • Baker Middle School
  • Baton Rouge Community College
  • Baton Rouge Marine Institute
  • Belaire High School
  • Brusly Middle School
  • Central Middle School
  • Claiborne Elementary
  • Crescent Elementary/Junior High School
  • Dorseyville Elementary
  • Dufrocq Elementary
  • Glen Oaks Park
  • Gonzales Middle School
  • Gramercy Elementary School
  • Iberville Elementary
  • Iberville Math, Science and Arts Academy (West)
  • Iberville Math, Science and Arts Academy (East)
  • Istrouma High School
  • Lake Charles Charter Academy
  • Louisiana New School Academy
  • Louisiana Math, Science and Arts Museum
  • Louisiana State Department of Juvenile Justice System
  • Louisiana State University
  • Lowery Elementary School
  • McKinely High School
  • North Iberville Elementary
  • Oak Grove Primary
  • Park Forest Middle School
  • Park Vista Elementary
  • Pecan Grove Primary School
  • Plaquemine Junior/High School
  • Prescott Middle
  • South Street Elementary
  • Southwest Elementary
  • Scotlandville Magnet High School
  • Staring Education Center
  • Southern Lab
  • Tara High School
  • West Saint John Junior/Senior High School
  • Westminster Elementary
  • White Castle High School
  • Woodlawn Middle School
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Hiram is reading Crumb Snatchers

Brandi is doing a reading and Q&A at Northeast Middle School.

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Brandi Worley

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